Williamsburg Gallery
Williamsburg, Brooklyn

In the frontier of New York City galleries, this project promised the largest dedicated space in Williamsburg to date. Located on the ground floor, large 30x30 concrete columns on a 16’-0” grid must have served the structural grid for heavy storage well, but greatly impeded the current desire for open, unobstructed gallery space. The program also called for a reception, café, offices, and art storage.

The partition plan used large, gently formed arc and a floating bar to mask the existing grid. The progression thru the space continually framed a view just beyond. One was lead space to space by the floating planes and partially obscured views. This also allowed for a variety of scale spaces to be produced. Perception of the original structural grid was nearly obliterated. The arc elongated the second gallery in the sequence beyond its real measure. The path ended in the café area, not yet completed, just behind the entry area.