Ramapo Master Plan
Mahwah, New Jersey

A study into the contemporary structure of the campus masterplan.

Using Ramapo College, in the wooded hills of Northwest New Jersey as a case study, research was made into the contemporary form of the campus. Tracing its origins to medieval England, the American campus has always embodied both the urban utopia as well as the epistemology of a time. The proposal for a contemporary masterplan diverges from current thinking to project a campus organized around discrete, coherent environmental zones defined by inherent features of the land, the existing buildings, and proposed built and planted insertions. The zones become refined in geometry, though not orthogonal, but negotiated between experienced views, site layers, and academic programming. Thus, the structure of the campus, the paradigm for knowledge, becomes the adaptive, psychological structure formed by the memory and interpretation of each individual, traversing the university with an individual log of experiences and priorities, but a shared commonality of experiential elements or zones.